Assigning Alias to a Printer – SENTINEL Instructional Article


This Instruction Article explains how to add printer aliases to printers for SENTINEL


  1. Start SENTINEL Manager
  2. Deactivate one of the printing ‘watcher’TCPrint
  3. Double-click on TCPrint 
  4. At the Sentinel properties window, select Process tab
  5. Make sure that CODESOFT Printing is checked
  6. Select CODESOFT Printing and click Settings
  7. In the Printers tab, locate the printer you wish to add alias to and click the Aliases area in front of the printer name
  8. A text edit box should appear. Enter the desired printer alias and press enter
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all the aliases have been entered
  10. Click OK to exit the CODESOFT Printing Plug-in window
  11. Click OK to exit Sentinel properties window
  12.  Don’t forget to reactivate the watcher.


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