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One of the key component of TEKLYNX CENTRAL (TC) is its printing interface. Users can submit label printing requests from any computer using a supported web browser. This opens up several new considerations. One of which is – how can we restrict printing by user from a computer to print to one or a few printers. This article shows the steps required to enable the restriction.


  • More than one printer has already been assigned to TC
  • You know the name of the workstations you want to place restriction on
  • Your have proper authorization and permission to perform this task


  1. Login to TCADMIN site (http://<Servername>/TCADMIN)
  2. On the Options tab, check the box for Workstation Logic
  3. Click Save
  4. Acknowledge the confirmation window – click OK
  5. Click Data Configuration tab and select Printers
  6. Confirm that the printers you want to restrict the workstations to are on the list
  7. Click Data Configuration tab and select Workstations
  8. Add workstation(s) to the list
  9. You can enter the name of the workstation and click Add or Click on Browse and select the workstations from the list. Repeat this step till all workstations are added
  10. Click Data Configuration tab and select Connections
  11. Select a workstation from the Workstation dropdown list
  12. If you do not want to restrict which labels can be printed from this workstation, check the Only apply to printers box. The list of labels will be hidden from your view.
  13. Select the printer(s) you want the workstation to print to
  14. Click Save (the one in the printer list box)

Additional Comments

Written on: Windows Server 2016, TEKLYNX CENTRAL v4.6


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