“Runtime error! Program: C:\Program Files\TEKLYNX\CODESOFT\lppa.exe “Application has terminated the application in an unusual way.”” – CODESOFT Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the CODESOFT error message “Runtime error!  Program: C:\Program Files\TEKLYNX\CODESOFT\lppa.exe   Application has terminated the application in an unusual way.” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


The CODESOFT executable hit a fatal error.  This is a somewhat generic message that unfortunately does not explain much about the cause.  Typically it forces a shutdown of the exe.

Making changes to the system environment that creates instability with the exe file can cause this problem.  For example, a critical file (config file, exe itself, label design file, etc) is suddenly moved or becomes unavailable during the running of the software.


If the issue repeats, an uninstall an reinstall of the software is suggested.

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