“An error occurred during data processing. Contents of item can not be set…” – NiceLabel Form Error Message

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This article addresses an error that occurred in NiceLabel that read:

An error occurred during data processing.
Contents of item “GS1128” can not be set, because its value is invalid. Application identifier 15 requires numeric value.
Value “Use By” contains invalid characters. Following characters are allowed: “0123456789“.

In addition to helping you understand the contents of the error message, this article will also offer guidance on how to resolve the problem.


This error message occurs when working in a NiceLabel solution. In NiceLabel, a “solution” is a form coupled with label design. The form includes a label preview screen. This error appears when the user is running the label preview.

The error message explains what caused it. In the above error, “GS1128” is a variable. The message indicates that NiceLabel pulled an invalid value from the the database for that variable. In this case, “GS1128” is a GS1-128 barcode, which requires a 6-digit numerical value. A field containing more than six digits could cause this error. Or, as the last line of the message states, if there is a non-numerical character in the field, that would be an invalid value.

The Application Identifier (AI) 15 is a date code, which can only use a numeric value. On the label, this is the “Use By” date for the product.


In this incident, the Application Identifier was pointing to the wrong field in the database. Once the user pointed it to the correct variable – with a six-digit number – the “error occurred during data processing” message disappeared.

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Issue found in NiceLabel 2019

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