All LABEL ARCHIVE Options are Grayed Out – CODESOFT Problem Article

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This article explains the inability to access LABEL ARCHIVE due to permissions issues and recommends a solution.

Situation and Symptoms

  • User has a valid installation of CODESOFT and LABEL ARCHIVE
  • The drop down menu for LABEL ARCHIVE is available in CODESOFT
  • All of the menu options in LABEL ARCHIVE are all grayed-out (including Connect)


When CODESOFT is linked to LABEL ARCHIVE (the plug-in is installed), a “Label Archive” option will appear on the File menu. Clicking on the “Label Archive” option should force a pop-up screen to appear. Under normal circumstances, the user will see the “Connect” option available. However, lack of user permissions can result in this and the other options being grayed out depending on how the user opens CODESOFT and/or the CODESOFT .lbl file.


There are two solutions, which depend on how you run CODESOFT. The two methods you might run CODESOFT include:

  1. Launching CODESOFT directly
  2. Opening a CODESOFT .lbl file (which launches CODESOFT indirectly)

Method 1: Launching CODESOFT Directly

Run CODESOFT as Administrator. This gives CODESOFT the permissions it needs to successfully connect to the LABEL ARCHIVE plug-in.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Right-click on CODESOFT and select “Run as Administrator” when you first open CODESOFT. This only works if you do this every time.
  2. Set “Run this program as Administrator” as the default for CODESOFT. Do this by modifying the property of the program icon (right-click, Properties). Then, check the “Run this program as administrator” box and select OK. This is a more permanent solution.

Method 2: Opening a CODESOFT .lbl file

You will need to enable the “Modify” permission on the C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\Label Archive Client folder.  Once the permission is granted, there is no need for the “Run as Administrator” for CODESOFT program.


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