“Alert Focus: Exp:XXXcm-XX.Xin” Error Message on LCD Display with READY and STATUS Lights Blinking


On the Datalogic barcode scanner, the LCD Panel of DS4800 displays “Alert Focus: Exp:XXXcm-XX.Xin”.  Also READY and STATUS LEDs are flashing.


The flashing Ready and Status lights indicate some problem with the scanner settings.  The LCD message indicates the specific settings problem is that the focus settings in the scanner do not match the physical adjustment of the scanner lens.


Two approaches to fix:

Set the physical focal distance to match the configuration settings

Turn the focus control (with a flat-head screwdriver) until the distance on the LCD panel (changes as the dial is turned) matches the value stored in the settings.

Reset the scanner configuration settings to match physical setting
“Get” the scanner configuration by uploading the settings to Genius. In Genius, navigate to Reading Parameters \ Focus \ Locked Position (cm/in). Change the settings value and “Send” to download back to the scanner.

Note:  If the scanner settings are locked, you must first unlock the settings (LEDs & Keypad \ Key Functionality), “SEND” to download to the scanner, then “GET” to upload the settings back into Genius.

Additional Comments

Issue Found on: a Windows 10 PC running Genius v1.12.1 connecting to a Datalogic DS4800


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