“Alert: CBX F. BUS Failure” Error Message on LCD with Flashing READY and STATUS Light


“Alert: CBX F. BUS Failure” message appears in the LCD display and the READY and STATUS lights are flashing on the DS4800 series unattended fixed position barcode scanner.  Inside the CBX500, the network interface module LED lights do not illuminate.


The READY and STATUS light indicate a mismatch between hardware and firmware configuration in the scanner.  The “Alert: CBX F. Bus Failure” likely means one of the hardware components in the CBX box is not responding.  In this case, the configuration settings for the network module did not match the hardware installed in the CBX box.  The settings for the scanner need to be updated in Genius.


  1. Open Genius and “Get” configuration (see Related Article below “Update the Configuration of a Datalogic Fixed Position Barcode Scanner”)
  2. Depending on the hardware installed in the CBX-500, different communication protocol is required.  If the Data Communication Setting/CBX Gateway/Type is Ethernet/IP, change it to Ethernet TCP/IP.  If it is Ethernet TCP/IP, change it to Ethernet/IP.
  3. “Send” configuration back to the scanner
  4. After a few moments, LED lights on network interface module inside of CBX box should start flashing

Additional Comments

Issue Found on: DS4800 with a CBX500 box, connected to Genius v1.12.1 running on Windows 10


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