Adjust Honeywell Scanner Decode Speed – Instructions

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If you are noticing that your Honeywell scanner is capturing too much information, it may be because your scanner is decoding too fast and is reading multiple items at once. This article shows how to adjust your Honeywell scanner’s decode speed so that it will read only the data you want it to.

These instruction apply to models: 75e Android, CT50 Android, CK75 Android, EDA51, CK65 and similar.


For CK75 devices, you will need to download and install kernel version or higher before proceeding. Instructions for downloading and installing the kernel are located on Honeywell’s site. (opens in new tab)


  1. Navigate to Settings -> Scanning -> Internal Scanner -> Default Profile -> Trigger Settings -> Scanning Delay (shown in milliseconds).
  2. Change this value as needed until you achieve the desired results.

Additional Comments

Tested using Honeywell CK75 scanner.

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