Adding Internal Fields to Label Template – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Instructions

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Adding TEKLYNX CENTRAL internal fields in to a label template provides important tracking data on the labels you print. These four fields; PRODUCT, WORK ORDER, WORKSTATION or USER can improve accountability and traceability.


  • TEKLYNX CENTRAL and CODESOFT must be installed
  • Create a new template, or open an existing one in CODESOFT


  1. In CODESOFT, add a When printed field.
  2. Select Variable in the Data type pulldown.
  2. Choose Configure Web Printing.
  1. On the Options tab, click the Mapped Variables check box.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  1. In the Target pulldown, select PRODUCT, WORK ORDER, WORKSTATION or USER as the TEKLYNX CENTRAL variable which will be used.
  2. Enter the CODESOFT variable that is being added in the Variable Name field.
  3. In the Show/Hide pulldown, select whether this variable will be appear on the label when printed.
  4. Click Save.
  1. Add the label template to the current product.
    • If the label template is already added to the Product remove it and add the updated template to the Product.
  1. The mapped fields are populated on the label template in the browser-based interface.

    Helpful Links

    Mapped Variable Will Not Pass Through to Label After Adding Workorder Feature – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem.

    Additional Comments

    Tested using TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.1.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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