Adding or Restocking Items to New Locations – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


By default during a Restock, BACKTRACK will assume the target location is the Assigned Location and any other locations that currently stock the product.  If more than one location stocks the product, BACKTRACK will prompt the user to choose which one will received stock now. However, if the user wants to assign items to locations different from the default, they can do by using the “Target” button on the Restock screen.  This article explains how to use this feature.


1. In BACKTRACK, select either ‘Add’ or ‘Restock’

2. Select User number

3. Enter or select multiple items to add or restock

4. Highlight a row and click ‘Target’ on the right hand tool bar

5. Select intended location

6. Verify location on the bottom of the window

7. Select ‘Add’ or ‘Restock’ to finish the transaction(s)

Additional Comments

Instructions Written with:
OS (PC): Microsoft Windows 7, 8
Application: Teklynx BACKTRACK 2012


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