Adding a Printer in BarTender – BarTender Instruction Article


This Instruction Article explains how to add a printer for BarTender.


Seagull Scientific creates Windows drivers.  As such, they expect that adding a printer is a function to be done outside of BarTender.

  1. Determine correct printer make, model, and DPI
  2. Open the driver download section of the Seagull Scientific / BarTender website
  3. Select the appropriate printer brand to arrive at the brand driver download page
  4. Select the “Download” button to download the driver installer
  5. Save download to convenient location on your computer
  6. Run the driver installer
    Seagull Driver Installer Instructions
    1. Accept the license agreement
    2. Determine Installation Directory (default is recommended)
    3. Confirm UAC Screen
    4. Seagull Driver Wizards screen appears, select “Install printer drivers” radio button
    5. Select the proper connection type in the Connect Printer screen
    6. Select (or Create / Configure) correct printer port on the Specify Port screen
    7. Create a useful printer name (or accept default) on the Specify Printer Name screen
    8. Select the Finish button on the completion screen
    9. Click on the Close button to complete the wizard
  7. Check Printers & Scanners in Windows to confirm installation
  8. Select the Printer button in BarTender and use the Name pull down menu to select the appropriate printer


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