Adding More Printers to NiceLabel License – Instructions

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As business circumstances change, it may become an operational necessity to add more printers to a NiceLabel license. This article will guide you through the process of upgrading – as NiceLabel puts it – an existing license to work with more printers.


You will need:


  1. Open any NiceLabel 10 product
  2. Go to File (backstage) tab > About and click Upgrade License
  3. The NiceLabel 10 activation dialog window will open
  4. The License Key field will be populated with the currently-used license key for your copy of NiceLabel 10
  5. Enter the purchased Upgrade Key
The NiceLabel 10 license activation window.
  1. Click Upgrade License. The number of permitted printers has now been expanded. See the new license in About > License Information.

Additional Comments

Tested using NiceLabel 10

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