Adding Locations to Your BACKTRACK Database – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article explains how to add a location or a list of locations to an existing database in BACKTRACK.


Adding a Single Location:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Database Maintenance > Add/Modify Data > Locations
  2. Click on the button that looks like a new document to add a new location
  3. Enter the location name > click ‘Save’

Adding Bulk Locations:

Pre-requisite – Have a CSV document with a list of the locations ready (Comma Separated Value)

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Database Maintenance > Transfer Functions > Import
  2. Create a new import > create a name for the import > select ‘Location database’ > Select all of the appropriate fields in order with the fields on the CSV document > Select finish
  3. Click on ‘Import’ > Select the file location of the CSV document > Click ‘Ok’ > Verify the contents of the preview > Click ‘Import’

Additional Comments

Tested Software, Hardware, and Operating Systems:
OS (PC): Microsoft Windows 7, 8
Application: Teklynx BACKTRACK 2012.00.04

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