Adding a “Reprint” Watermark to Labels in CODESOFT using Visual Basic

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CODESOFT’s settings allow the user to add a “Reprint” watermark to labels as needed. However, users have complained that the default settings result in the word being too big, filling the label. As a result, the word obscures any text, barcodes or graphics that lie underneath, making the label unusable.

This article describes a method that serves as a workaround using a Visual Basic script. This solution applies to TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.5 and 5.0.


The user should be familiar with using Virtual Basic.


Step 1 – Navigate to File > Properties.

Step 2 – Select Visual Basic Scripting.

Step 3 – Check the box for Activate the Call of Events.

Step 4 – In the pull-down menu, select Sub OnAfterPrint(byValDoc)

Step 5 – In the Function box below the pull-down, enter the following text:  document.AddWaterMark(“reprint”,0).printable =True

Visual Basic window showing the script to be run.

Step 6 – Run the Visual Basic script. After the script has been completed the “reprint” watermark will appear on the label. You may customize the text field to best suit your label.

A label with the “reprint” watermark.

Step 7 – Navigate to the IDocument_Watermark_Text_Object and right-click to select Properties.

Step 8 – In the Properties window, select the General menu on the left.

Step 9 – Deselect the box for Printable.

Step 10 – Click OK. Run a test print of the label to confirm that it works as expected.

The Properties Window with the General Menu selected.

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