Add a Workstation to License Server – CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABEL MATRIX Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to add a client TEKLYNX label software license workstation to a network license server (using the Network Utilities application) for CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, or LABEL MATRIX. This is often done for new workstations, workstation upgrades, or reinstalling software on a PC workstation.


  • Make a note of the full name and location of the server hosting the TEKLYNX license server.
  • Temporarily suspend or remove local firewall and/or PC protection software.


Step 1 – Run the TEKLYNX Network Administration application.

NOTE: If the demo period for the software has ended and there is no valid license in place, follow the “Outside CODESOFT” method in the tab, below.

In the All Programs menu in Windows, either search or browse for Network Administration. This is typically located with the software brand folder (e.g. CODESOFT 2015).

Select Tools > Network administration

Step 2 – Check the box labeled ‘Use network license’ (for LABEL MATRIX, select Setup and Network tab)

Step 3 – Enter the server location and select OK

Network Administration Screen

Step 4 – Start/Restart TEKLYNX label design software (i.e. CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, or LABEL MATRIX)

Additional Comments

Tested Using: CODESOFT 2018 on Windows 10

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