Add a Picture Field to the Add/Modify Screen – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article is a procedure to add a picture field in BACKTRACK so pictures and be associated with items in the Item Database.


  1. Open the Advanced Edit for Applications (Database>Administration Functions>Maintain Application>Edit>Advanced Edit)
  2. Add picture type field to Item Structure:
    • Select “Edit Item Structure” button
    • Select “Add” button
    • Change ID if desired (limit 10 characters)
    • Change Name as appropriate
    • Change Data Type to “Picture”
    • Change Order to a positive integer (if left at 0, it will not appear on the Add/Modify Screen)
    • Select “OK”
  3. Place picture field on to Add/Modify Screen:
    • Select “Customize Add/Modify Item Screen”
    • Select the “Picture” button (upper left corner of screen)
    • Click on the screen where you want the image to be placed
    • Click on Description and name as appropriate
    • Click on Field and select name of field setup above (in “Add picture type field to Item Structure”)
    • Select the “X” to close (upper right hand corner)
    • Select “Yes” button
  4. Return to Main Menu and test

Additional Comments

Tested Software, Hardware, and Operating Systems:
OS (PC): Windows 7, 8

Application: BACKTRACK v2012.0.3


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