Add an Item Database Field to a Transaction Report – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


To instruct the user on how to add an item database field to an existing transaction report within BACKTRACK 2012.00.04.



  • Have an existing transaction report


  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Design/print reports > Select intended transaction report > Click Edit > Advanced Edit
  2. Under the ‘Data’ column, expand Data Sources > Transactions Database  Transaction > Items
  3. Click and hold the item field you would like displayed on the report
  4. Drag the field to an intended spot of the field
  5. Preview the report to check for consistency
  6. Save the report and exit


Additional Comments

Tested Software, Hardware, and Operating Systems:
OS (PC): Microsoft Windows 7, 8
Application: Teklynx BACKTRACK 2012.00.04

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