Active Print Job Suddenly Stops – Zebra Printer Problem

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While a Zebra printer is actively outputting a file, the print job suddenly stops printing. There are no error messages, nor does there appear to be an error in the print spooler or the printer itself. The print file has disappeared from the print queue as if it had been completed.

Situations and Symptoms

  • The printer is using an Ethernet connection.
  • The print job is larger than the printer’s buffer.
  • There are some brief pauses during the printing process


Zebra printers have timeout parameters in the Network Settings for the PrintServer. We could not find reference to these settings in the user manual nor in any of Zebra’s other documentation. However, we were able to find these settings within the TCP/IP section of the Network in the configuration screen.


The Timeout setting appears to be the cause of why the print job suddenly stops. Disabling that setting should prevent a recurrence of this problem.

Navigate to the TCP/IP Settings window and change the value for TIMEOUT CHECKING in the Internal Wired column from “YES” to “NO”.

The TCP/IP Settings window, showing the field that needs to have its value changed (highlighted).

Click Submit Changes and exit the window.

Additional Comments

This solution was provided to us by one of our customers. As we were unable to replicate the situation, we were unable to verify the solution.


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