“Activation Wizard: Warning Message #6800 The Seagull License Server was not found…” – BarTender Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the BarTender error message “Activation Wizard: Warning Message #6800  The Seagull License Server was not found. The Enterprise Automation edition requires Seagull License Server to be installed and available on the network in order to use this product. It is recommended that you install Seagull License Server prior to activation.” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


Immediately after activation of the Enterprise Automation Edition, BarTender client will attempt to search the LAN for the Seagull License Server. If it fails, this message appears.


Since the activation was completed before the error message, the License Setup… option will appear under the Administer menu. You will now be able manually enter the license server location and test the connection in BarTender. If the test fails, this will be a good indication that there is a problem connecting to that location or the license server is not functioning correctly. If the test succeeds, BarTender will give a confirming message “BarTender found the Seagull License Sever on [destination IP address or server name] port [port number].”


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