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TEKLYNX offers several software license activation choices. The most popular, and easiest to manage, is the Online License. Further, TEKLYNX offers the option to chose a single-user license or a network license which covers a number of users and computers.

Regardless of whether you choose a single-user or network license, the online license process allows your software to communicate directly with the TEKLYNX licensing server on the Internet.  License count upgrades (i.e. adding more users), subscription renewals, and moving the software (i.e. deactivation and reactivation) can often be done automatically.

This Instruction Article explains how to use the online activation for a SINGLE USER license for all of the TEKLYNX products including:


Instructions for activating a network license using the online process are provided in a separate article.


STEP 1. Install the software and run

STEP 2. The software will prompt you to activate
(We are using CODESOFT screens as an example but TEKLYNX software applications present similar screens)

Network License Manager Screen – Activation screen

STEP 3. Enter the License # / Serial # and Password (both can be obtained from EBI) and click NEXT.

Enter the Serial Number and Password into the appropriate fields.

STEP 4. Complete the registration form with your information. Please note that, in the event of lost serial number EBI will use the information you enter to search for it.

Enter your information to complete the registration process.

STEP 5. Click Next and then Finish to complete the registration. You should see a display that the license has been successfully activated and the software will automatically launch.

Outside Link and Helpful Resources

TEKLYNX has provided a video demonstrating the process:

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