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This Instruction Article explains how to activate BarTender client on a without Internet connection. This can be done, on supported versions, by browser (with Internet connection) or on a mobile device.


  • A browser with Internet connection is required to complete the offline activation.
  • A mobile phone can be used in BarTender 2021 R6 or later.
  • Your license activation code


  1. From the BarTender Internet Connection window, select “Activate by Using Mobile Device”.

Figure 1 – BarTender Internet Activation Screen

  1. The Mobile Device Activation appears with QR code.

Figure 2 – BarTender Mobile Device Activation Screen

  1. With the mobile device, scan the QR code. The code brings you to a webpage where you can get a product activation code and then enter that code at the prompt.

If the activation code was already used on another computer (and not deactivated yet), your only option will be a Provisional (i.e., temporary) Activation. To execute a Provisional Activation, select the “Activate Provisionally” checkbox and select the “Generate Product Activation Code” button. Seagull Scientific will issue you a special provisional activation code.

Figure 3 – BarTender Activation Failure w/ Provisional Activation Option

  1. If Seagull Scientific accepts the activation code (or Provisional Activation code), you will get a confirmation screen.

Figure 4 – BarTender Successful Off-Line Activation

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Activate BarTender Offline with Browser – Instruction Article.

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Tested Using: BarTender 2021 R6 or later

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