Activate BarTender Offline with Browser – BarTender Instructions

Activate BarTender Offline with Browser – BarTender Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to activate BarTender client on a without Internet connection. This can be done, on supported versions, by browser (on a different computer with Internet connection) or on a mobile device. To activate with browser, you need to follow the instructions to create a challenge code on the host computer. Then use another computer (the one with Internet access) to get a Product Activation code that can be used on that off-line workstation.


  • A browser on another computer with Internet connection is required to complete the offline activation.
  • A mobile phone can be used in BarTender 2021 R6 or later.
  • Your license activation code
  • A way to transfer the challenge code from off-line computer to the computer with Internet access (e.g. email, RDP connection, USB drive, etc.)


  1. From the BarTender Internet Connection window (on the destination workstation NOT connected to the Internet), select “Activate Using Web Browser”.

Figure 1 – BarTender Connection screen

  1. The Browser Activation Screen opens and gives you three choices to generate and transfer a challenge code in step 1:
    1. Save to File (so you can transfer to a computer via share folder, USB drive, etc.)
    2. Send Email (so you can open the email on an workstation with Internet access)
    3. Copy to Clipboard (so you can paste the value into the other system (RPD connection, instant messaging, etc.)

Figure 2 – BarTender Browser Activation screen

  1. Leaving the screen above open on the off-line computer, go to the computer with Internet access, browse to: and complete the form on that page to generate a Product Activation Code.

Figure 3 – BarTender Activate Software webpage

  1. Once activated, you need to the newly generated Activation Key back to the off-line computer. You can either:
    1. Save Activation Key to a file (i.e. Upload Activation Key)
    2. Copy to Clipboard

If the activation code was already used on another computer (and not deactivated yet), your only option will be a Provisional (i.e., temporary) Activation. To execute a Provisional Activation, select the “Activate Provisionally” checkbox and select the “Generate Product Activation Code” button. Seagull Scientific will issue you a special provisional activation code.

Figure 4 – BarTender License Activation Screen

  1. Transfer the new Product Activation Code back to the off-line computer and, the form you left open above, and either press:
    1. Select File… button to upload the challenge code provided in a file from the Seagull Scientific website or
    2. Paste from Clipboard if you copied the challenge code as a cut and paste

Figure 5 – BarTender Browser Activation Screen

  1. Select Next to complete the activation.

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Activate BarTender Offline with Mobile Device – Instruction Article.

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Tested Using: BarTender 2021 R1-R3, 2019, 2016

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