Activate a Network TEKLYNX Online License – Instructions

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TEKLYNX offers several software license activation choices. The most popular, and easiest to manage, is the Online License. Further, TEKLYNX offers the option to chose a single-user license or a network license which covers a number of users and computers. This article describes activation of a network TEKLYNX license and applies to both subscription and perpetual licenses.

Regardless of whether you choose a single-user or network license, the online license process allows your software to communicate directly with the TEKLYNX licensing server on the Internet.  License count upgrades (i.e. adding more users), subscription renewals, and moving the software (i.e. deactivation and reactivation) can often be done automatically.

This Instruction Article explains how to use the online activation for a NETWORK license for all of the TEKLYNX products including:


These instructions apply to TEKLYNX version 2014 and later. Instructions for activating a single user license using the online process are provided in a separate article.


STEP 1. Open your Network Toolbar by navigating to the TEKLYNX [Product/Network License Utility] folder and selecting Network Toolbar.

STEP 2. Click on the License Upgrade button.

STEP 3. Enter your serial number beginning with the last letter of the license (either N or F) along with the password.
Click Next.

STEP 4. Complete the registration form with your information. Please note that, in the event of lost serial number EBI will use the information you enter to search for it.

STEP 5. Click Next to complete the registration. You should see a display that the license has been successfully activated. Click the Finish button.

STEP 6. Start the SLicense service so your clients can pull a network network license by clicking the License Service Controller button.

STEP 7. Click on Start in the License Service Controller window.

STEP 8. Your software is now activated and ready for you to set up the workstations.

This next steps are done on the networked workstation(s).

STEP 9. Open Windows File Explorer and in the address/location box at the top of the window, type \\server//PC host name. This will ensure that the client PC can access the file share set up on the host machine.

STEP 10: Open your Network Administration menu by clicking on Start > All Program > YOUR TEKLYNX Program > Network Administration.

STEP 11: Click the Use network license checkbox.

STEP 12: In Server Location, enter \\server//PC host name.

STEP 13: Click OK to finish. The software should open if access has been properly set.


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