Accidentally Upgrade Network Edition on PC Only – TELYNX Software Problem

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When upgrading from a Single User Workstation edition of TEKLYNX software to a Network wdition, where the license is stored changes. The license activation will no longer reside on the PC. Instead, it should move to a Network Utilities program located on a network. A server is the usual network location. However, it is possible to accidentally upgrade the Network edition to the PC only. As a result, the user will experience difficulty when trying to use the upgraded software on the Network Utility.

Situations and Symptoms

  • TEKLYNX software with valid license
  • Upgrading from Single-User PC to a Network edition


When a client orders an upgrade to the single user workstation license, Efficient Business Integrators will send an SUP code and password. The user then enters the credentials to upgrade the license.

However, if the user forgets to deactivate the workstation license first, this can cause problems. This because the SUP code – and the upgrade – are applied to that PC alone.

With the network license limited to a single workstation, the user cannot take advantage of the networking capabilities of the new software. And, at this point, the Network Manager cannot accept the SUP code or the license. The user never entered the old license into the License Manager. And, with the original license number still activated on the workstation, the user cannot just go back in and add it after the fact.


Fortunately, the solution is easy. Deactivate both licenses on the workstation. Next, enter the old license number into the License Manager Utility and then apply the upgrade.

Additional Comments

Issue found with LABELVIEW Pro v2021.

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