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When installing TC 5.0 over existing TC 4.5 installation, the installer program may issue an <Aborted> flag. This can occur for the Label Manager or any other component. The only option is to terminate the installation and retry.  When you rerun the installation program, it wants to uninstall TC.  After the uninstall is completed, you can run the installation again.  However, you still receive the same – <Aborted> flag.

Teklynx Central Installer Window showing installation progress.

Unfortunately, your options are limited.  The cause of the problem is that the uninstallation of TC 4.5 did not completely remove all the components of TC 4.5. However, it removed the TEKLYNX CENTRAL entry from the Windows list installed program. As a result, you have no way to systematically remove the remaining components of TC4.5.

If you have the system backup (snapshot in case of VM), you can restore the system to the state before the upgrade. Then, uninstall TC 4.5 before running the TC 5.0 installation program.

If you are without a usable backup, you can try manually deleting the components of TC from the system – C:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx.  We have not tried this method, but we believe that it will work.  Also, we are unsure if any entries in the system’s Registry needed to be removed as well.


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