“A driver cannot load on this device” – TEKLYNX Error Message

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When inserting a security dongle into a USB port on a workstation, the computer displays a warning message reading, “Program Compatibility Assistant A driver cannot load on this devices Driver: hardlock.sys hardlock.sys A security setting is preventing this driver from loading. You’ll need to adjust your settings to load this driver.”

In this article, we’ll explain the cause of the problem and how to fix it.


To-date, this issue appears to involve multiple TEKLYNX products including CODESOFT, LABELVIEW and LABEL MATRIX. The problem occurs when inserting the HASP Sentinel USB security key into a machine running Windows 11. When the key is inserted, it prompts the download of the wrong driver.

EBI DOES NOT recommend changing the Memory Integrity settings as suggested in the Learn more button. This can possibly cause a system crash with blue screen.

Quick Fixes

Instead, we recommend downloading and installing the updated driver for the Sentinel USB security key from Thales, the key’s manufacturer. Click this link (opens in new window) to download the driver directly from Thales’ website.

Additional Comments

Issue found with Windows 11.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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