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Unveiling the Truth: Can Cloud Labeling Truly Save Costs and Simplify Processes?

Unveiling the Truth: Can Cloud Labeling Truly Save Costs and Simplify Processes?

Jerry, Ben and Dave Share Their Thoughts After 4 Years of Working “in the Cloud”

EBI started with Loftware-NiceLabel’s Cloud 4 years ago. Since then, we helped many clients transition their labeling operations to the cloud. Did cloud labeling help our clients reduce costs and streamline their labeling processes?

Jerry Joseph, Support

Loftware Cloud has helped reduce costs by 10% for 3 of my clients in the manufacturing business.

“SaaS maintenance ROI”
The maintenance effort by IT of an on-premise LMS and database falls completely away. Loftware Cloud instances are built on Azure server clusters for high availability and redundancy for both Cloud Control Centers containing documents, and SQL Cloud databases that contain labeling data.

Advanced deployment and compliance
Included with Business Cloud 50 printers, Cloud Compliance, or also available as a separate subscription is a separate Cloud instance for development, UAT, and synchronization for deployment to the production Cloud instance(s). Both the full set of artifacts and the database data are independent in each instance and full workflow control over artifact and data testing and deployment is available.

Worldwide access for all users without needing a VPN, WAN or LAN
Whether printing labels from the Cloud Control Center, Loftware Print for fixed labels on the production line, Web Client for error-free solution printing, or Automations that receive data from on premise or Cloud-triggered systems, one Control Center handles it all. Detailed access rights help the Cloud Administrator manage user accessibility.

Dave Klement, Principal

Clients who moved to cloud paid LESS. Less for both for implementation and long-term maintenance.
Lower Implementation Cost
Cloud subscribers pay less for implementation. First year subscriptions cost less than perpetual licenses. We can save professional service hours when we avoid server install and setup work. The project gets done faster too!
Lower Long-Term Costs
The SaaS vendor takes care of upgrades and hosting. Clients do not need to pay for on-site server licensing (e.g. Windows or SQL server). Nor do they need to pay for IT maintenance costs. Also, no need to worry about costs associated with downtime during a version upgrade.

Ben Podesta, Support

Cloud has allowed our customers to add flexibilty to their labeling process while maintaining control

Ability to Integrate
Using REST API third party companies can easily communicate with the control center. Label designs, folders contents, and print labels can be accessed.

Cloud Printing
You can install printers on the cloud workspace.  Most common models of printers (SATO, Zebra) allow this functionality.

Whether you are considering an upgrade or looking for more information, our team is readily available to assist you. Take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your business with cloud technology. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your transition.

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