Packing and Shipping

Package Labeling

It’s more than printing out a label and putting it on the box. It’s about making sure that the right label goes on the right box. And that includes making sure the right information is on the label each and every time using a reliable system that doesn’t waste time or money.

Multiple Identical Labels

Whether for internal logistics, or for retailer requirements, being able to accurately print and apply identical labels to a single carton – and do it consistently – can be a make or break operation.

Shipping Carton Labeling

You only get paid if the recipient knows they’ve gotten their order. Shipping carton labels not only need to guide the shipment to its destination, but they need to let the receiving dock know what’s in the box, so they can enter the data. Make sure your label has all the information needed so that your payment is expedited.

Supply Chain Labeling

Knowing where a part is at all times is critical to avoid logistical complications. These past few years have demonstrated how essential – and how fragile – the supply chain can be. Make sure that components and products can be located every step of the way with proper labeling, including RFID options.


If the label isn’t right your shipment might get refused and returned. This means lost time and lost money even before you have the chance to make things right. Making sure your labels are in compliance is a direct benefit to your bottom line.

Print & Apply

Technology can not only ensure that packages are labeled properly, but it can also speed up the process of a packaging line by printing and applying the labels to the shipments as they move towards the shipping bay.

Factory Automated

It doesn’t do anyone any good if someone has to open the box to identify the product inside. Automated labeling ensures that the product can be easily identified when it’s time to put together a shipment.