Inventory, Asset & Stock Tracking

Vial Labeling

Whether keeping track of medical samples, or assessing progress in an R&D project, tracking vials accurately is not something left to a spreadsheet. Customizable specialty software assists the lab team in maintaining Good Lab Practice (GLP).

Governmental Compliance

Whether pharmaceutical supplies, cannisters for industrial gasses or MILSPEC equipment, state and Federal governments have very specific rules on labeling, tracking and safety that must be followed to avoid penalties. Add-on software packages tailored to the specific standards greatly ease the burden of ensuring compliance.

GHS Compliance Labeling

Having the proper GHS labeling is not only essential to meet government regulations, but it can literally be a matter of life or death. Take safety seriously and utilize label software that is designed for the purpose.

Asset Tracking

With asset tracking you can know the status and location of your essential equipment any time you need to. Labels with embedded RFID self-report without relying on man-in-the-loop to actively scan when it moves from location to location.

Pick, Pack, Ship

With the increasing demand from mid-to-large companies for customized labeling, organizations need a solution to manage and track inventory and create custom label designs, EDI labels, container labels and more. Pick/Pack/Ship allows the user to pick items from inventory, package them and send them out while creating traceability for both the customer as well as internally so inventory doesn’t fall short.