NiceLabel Cloud 10.2 Release

NiceLabel Cloud 10.2 Release

Attention current NiceLabel Cloud Clients, new features have been added in the release of NiceLabel 10.2.

New print functionality for Apple devices

Ability to use Google Sheets and Excel Online as a database in the cloud

A TON of improvements in the cloud user interface (see EBI release notes)

  • The new release makes it easier to view and manipulate label designs in the improved cloud user interface. A new Label Report provides a quick centralized view of all properties and activities related to the label.  See what was changed between revisions of labels, and who made the change. See if any of these improvements can help you get things done faster and better in our knowledge base article:


NiceLabel Cloud API:

Previous versions of NiceLabel Cloud, an HTTP request from an ERP or other system could only specify an IoT printer. And, in order to use an on-site networked printer, NiceLabel automation was required.

Now, in 10.2, an on-premise workstation and networked printer name can be specified in the body of the print request. NiceLabel Automation is not required. This makes printing labels from ERP, MRP, and WMS systems more portable and easier to set up.

Document API:

With almost all file capabilities added to the Document API, an external application can be used to review and manage all NiceLabel Cloud files and workflows.  For example, an ERP system may be used to decommission a template or logo.

A QA web portal may be used to change a workflow step on a template or document.  An administrator can use an application to manage objects, such as undoing check outs on files, changing folder hierarchy and viewing deleted files.

External users do not need to authenticate to NiceLabel Cloud to use these actions.

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