Setup a Printer Using TEKLYNX Printer Drivers and Windows Spooler / Print Subsystem – SENTINEL Instructions


This instruction article describes for the SENTINEL, CENTRAL, or CODESOFT administrator how to setup a printer using a TEKLYNX driver and Windows Print Spooler / Print Subsystem. This is useful in cases when the direct port in SENTINEL or CODESOFT does not print correctly.


Create a New Printer Port in Windows

You can choose from two methods to create a printer port:

  1. Windows Print Management Console
  2. Windows Control Panel (Add Printer)
  • Open Windows Print Management (on some servers it may need to be added as a role/feature) - see Related Article Add Printer Manager Console as a Server Role
  • Using the left hand navigation, browse to Custom Filters > Print Servers > Computer Name (local) > Ports
  • Right click on Ports and select Add Port... from the pop-up menu
  • On the Printer Ports window, select Standard TCP/IP Port
  • On the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard, press the Next button
  • On the Add port window, enter IP address of printer and give the printer a port name you will recognize later when you add the TEKLYNX printer and select Next
  • Wait for Windows to detect the TCP/IP Port
  • On the Additional port information required window, select the Standard radio button and the Generic Network Card selection and press the Next and Finish button
  • Select close on the Add port window
  • Close the Print Management window

  • In Windows Control Panel, open Devices and Printers
  • Select Add Printer
  • In the Choose a device or printer to add to this PC screen, click on The printer that I want is not listed
  • In the Find a printer by other options screen, select the Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings radio button
  • In the Choose a printer port screen, select the Create a new port radio button and select Standard TCP/IP Port from the drop down list
  • At the Type a printer hostname or IP address screen, enter the IP address of the print server (i.e. printer if using Ethernet direct to the printer or the printer server IP address if using an external print server)
  • For the Additional port information required screen, select the Standard radio button and select Generic Network Card from the drop down list
  • In the Install the printer driver screen, click on the Cancel button (we do not want to install the printer driver...we just want to create a port)

Add a Printer in CODESOFT or SENTINEL

  • Navigate to the Add Printer section of either CODESOFT or SENTINEL:
  • From the SENTINEL Manager, deactivate the SENTINEL you wish to update and open the Properties for the SENTINEL that needs the printer setup
  • On the Process tab, with CODESOFT Printing checked, select the Settings... button
  • After the CODESOFT Plug-in screen appears, make sure you are on the Printers tab (default) and select the Add button

  • Click on Select Printer from the drop down file menu
  • Select the Add button

  • Identify the correct printer in the Add Printer Model pane
  • Select the newly created printer port created in step above
  • Select OK
  • Make sure the Port you want to use is using Windows Spooler (if it has a “->” before it, then it is printing direct to the printer and thus NOT using the Windows Spooler)

Verify TEKLYNX Software Created New Print Spooler / Printer Subsystem

  • Open Devices and Printer in the Windows Control Panel
  • Look for a new print spooler / printer subsystem with the name “THT_50” and port selected above
  • Right click and select Printer Properties from the pop-up menu
  • Click on the Port tab and verify correct port is selected
  • Click on the Advanced tab and verify the Driver is Printer THT_50 8.0
  • Select the OK button

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Additional Comments

Note:  The same instructions are used in the “Setup a Printer Using TEKLYNX Printer Drivers and Windows Spooler / Print Subsystem – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Instructions” (see Related Articles below).  If changes are made here, the content should be recopied and pasted into the other article too.

First Completed Using: Windows Server 2008R2 running SENTINEL 2012

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